The Holovid Hero - Developmental Editing


Ian “Mac” MacIntyre is an average guy—a little paunchy with thinning hair—who desperately needs to revive a sinking career. His new job—direct and record a brand new reality show, The Adventures of Captain Charisma. The episodes will portray the gun-slinging exploits of his ex-military star as they visit the farthest reaches of the galaxy.


When the producer sends the show to smash a dangerous alien bug aboard a remote space station and milk the ratings, Mac worries for his own safety. However, the bigwigs insist on exciting footage. Things get dicey when Mac’s ex-wife appears as a director for a rival show intent on upstaging him. Even as the lights flicker out in the station, Mac puts his actor (and himself) into the mutated bug’s path to create unforgettable scenes and to prove he is the best cinematographer from his short-lived marriage. A wrong step means losing a ratings war that could end his reality show. Worse yet, he might end up as bug food.


THE HOLOVID HERO is a humorous science fiction story of 93,000 words. I like to think of it as a mashup  between "Tropic Thunder" and "Aliens."



The Bootlegger Broadcast -First Draft Complete

Mac, Joe, and Sanraya need the perfect job to start their new show. A nonprofit medical organization wants them to smuggle drugs into a war-ravaged planet deep in the throes of civil war. Unfortunately, their altruistic mission draws the attention of pirates and bounty hunters after Joe's hide. Their quirky ship gets them into more problems than a new tourist on Erogenous Prime.


THE BOOTLEGGER BROADCAST is the sequel to THE HOLOVID HERO. It is approximately 96,000 words.




LESS THAN HONORABLE - 300,000 words on a dusty shelf


When guilt bends his mind and causes the Skill to surface, Truman suddenly finds himself thrust into a new world training to become a practitioner – the newest member of the First Division’s Special Operations Unit known as “The Freak Squad.” Both revered and feared, the Freak Squad carries out the orders of the ambitious commander of the First Division. And now Truman finds himself embroiled in his commander's plots and schemes to influence the politics of the Town of Fifty Horns, where magician guilds -- the Kinetics and Telepaths -- maintain a stranglehold on power.


LESS THAN HONORABLE is an epic fantasy.  It is still a work in progress as I transform it from one large work into three separate novels.