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So this is blogging? Hmmph. I'm not impressed . . . yet. That implies that I've got something worth saying. And maybe I will at some point. For now, this will simply be a blog about my meandering thoughts.

There seem to be any number of author websites that write about the difficulties in the writing process, and what it means to become an author. Do I have any insight that's any different? Meh. Maybe.

I do realize one thing--it's a lot different writing fiction than drafting motions, briefs, complaints, ordinances, blah, blah, blah. Any lawyer out there that thinks it's easy converting over from legal writing to fiction has another thing coming.

I know I still have a lot to learn about writing fiction. In fact, I'm guessing I'll never stop learning. But it's been about five years since I started working on an epic fantasy, and more than a year since writing "Just Another Bug Hunt." What a learning curve.

So if you happen to stumble on this website, and you're thinking about writing fiction, find a support group, either a live group or one of the online communities. You'll learn a lot faster than I did.

That's enough for now. Hope I can transform this blogging thing into something that is more than nothing. Fingers crossed.

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