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Rules About Writing - Don't Get Sick

So one thing I've learned from the past several years--don't get sick. I've had three kidney stones over the past two years. I'm coming up on my two-year anniversary for my first surgery to remove a kidney stone. Not fun.

I am also coming up on a one-year anniversary for being hospitalized because of my third kidney stone. After getting a clean bill of health from my urologist, six weeks later a bunch of little kidney stones ganged together and clogged up a passageway that's better left unmentioned. It ended up in an ambulance ride and a week's stay in Sarasota Memorial Hospital at the end of April 2022. Not fun.

Things have been better since that time. New medication to prevent a recurrence. New diet.

And now I'm finally getting close to finishing the third novel in my space opera. I hope to finish it within the next few months.

For those of you who end up in similar situations, remember to take care of yourselves. The writing will still be there after you recover.


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