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Writers Conferences

Back home now after a long weekend at the Florida Writers Association's conference in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Whew. I am dead tired.

It was a great experience--my third time going to it. Met lots of new people. Gave my first live elevator pitch to a group of nice people that didn't laugh at me. A few folks even gave me some compliments about it.

Even as worn out as I am right now, a flash of inspiration hit about this blog post. And the inspiration is this--don't wait to attend your first writers conference if you're a new writer. My writing grew by leaps and bounds after attending my first one in January 2014. Learned a lot about how to write dialogue that stuck with me. And the contacts I made! Wonderful!

I know what some of you are thinking. Conferences cost money. Registration fees. Hotels. Guess what? Bet there's a way to defer some of those costs. At the Florida Writers Conference, I ran into some wonderful folks who volunteered their time to do just that. Look for similar opportunities wherever you may live. It can't hurt.

Anyway, that's it. Off to get some much needed rest in my own bed. More stuff to do tomorrow, including work.

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